Attention Minamiuonuma City residents!


Attention Minamiuonuma City residents!

Looking for Volunteers!

We are looking for volunteers to participate in a special program that will help promote international understanding to students in elementary schools.
We would like your help in introducing various world cultures and languages to our young students. We are currently looking for applicants to join a call list. We are also looking for translators. Please take a look at the following guidelines.

Activity Contents

Help in teaching about different world cultures in International Understanding classes in elementary schools.

Suitable Applicant for this volunteer program

  1. Those from foreign countries who live in Japan currently:
    You can tell us about life style and culture in your mother country.
    Usually you will be asked to answer simple questions from elementary school students.e.g. “Do you like sushi?" “Do you eat bread or rice for breakfast?"
    If you do not speak Japanese well, no need to worry because there will be translators present.
  2. Japanese applicants who have experience abroad with foreign people and cultures:
    Please share your experiences in foreign countries with the students. You may be asked to answer simple questions from the students.
  3. If you feel uncomfortable with public speaking: (in this case speaking in front of children):
    There are other activities that can be done, for example, playing games from your country or cooking a dish together with students. Translators will be available.

Things to know before you apply

  1. Neither teaching licenses nor certification is needed.
  2. All volunteers will receive 1000yen for transportation costs.
  3. Elementary schools will ultimately decide the day's activities.
  4. Please understand that all elementary schools have their own way of teaching, therefore please refrain from acting independently or without consent of the teachers. If you have an idea, do not hesitate to share your ideas before class by E-mail or phone call.
  5. All information regarding the day's activities must remain confidential.
  6. In case of an accident during class, all volunteers are insured by the Minamiuonuma Board of Education. So no need to worry!

How to apply

A)Please turn in applications at any of the following City Halls:

  1. Board of Education-Gakkou kyouikuka 学校教育課
  2. Yamato office (Citizens office-Shiminka 市民課)
  3. Muikamachi office (Citizens office-Shiminka 市民課)
  4. Shiozawa office(Citizens center-Shimin center 市民センター)

B)If an applicant has a child in elementary school or junior high school, the child can hand in the application to their homeroom teacher.
C)Applying by E-mail or Fax:
Address: 〒949-6680 Minamiuonuma City Muikamachi865
Fax:025-773-6703(Minamiuonuma City Board of Education)

Minamiuonuma City Board of Education

Please also contact us if you know or can recommend anyone who is willing to participate.
If you are selected to participate, you will be contacted by phone or E-mail by one of our employees. There are no deadlines for applying.


Application form(PDF:87.4KB)

教育委員会 学校教育課 学校指導係

〒949-6680 新潟県南魚沼市六日町865番地


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